Creative Inspiration of the Week

How did it get to be Friday again? I swear it was Monday just five minutes ago. Here's some wonderful content that kept me inspired in my work and life this week. Leave a comment if you've got anything to share - it doesn't have to be technical, it can… read

Web Unleashed Recap

So for the first time in my programming career, I attended a conference last week. I'm not new to the world of conferences, having attended a couple as a massage therapist. But I have to say, tech conferences are a whole lot different from massage ones - for obvious and… read

Creative Inspiration of the Week

Hello hello! Sorry I've been so quiet for a couple of weeks. I've been away camping and canoeing in Algonquin Park, and then at FITC's Web Unleashed conference the last two days. Hard not to be inspired by this: (photo taken by a friend, during our canoe trip) More in… read

Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a few fun, creative things to start the weekend off. For a few weeks here in Toronto, we had drawings, stickers, and even little statues of robots with cute hearts appearing all over the place. Well, it turns out this was done to get attention for… read

Why use Sass instead of plain ol' CSS?

Ok, all of you experienced front-end devs are probably thinking one of two things: “Sass? Nah, I've been coding since forever, and I like my vanilla CSS!” or “Yeah, already with you on preprocessors. In fact, I'm partial to [Less/Stylus] and I'm also using [HAML/Jade… read

Creative inspiration of the week

It's almost Labour Day! Where the heck did the summer go? Here's some fun and creative things to take us into the long weekend. A less techy list this week, perhaps because my brain is already a bit in vacation mode. My husband's absolute favourite food is burritos. I know… read