Hey, there's advice for awesome, small business entrepreneurs in here!

These are some of my top posts full of free information on improving your website and planning your online marketing strategy. In other words, making your website as awesome as you are! Is SEO Dead? A controversial topic! But: Have you ever searched Google for something and just couldn't find… read

Are you professional enough?

In the circles I hang out in, there's been a lot of talk about this lately. What does it mean to be professional? Do people think of you as being a professional? Is your business being perceived as professional? For a lot of us, we grew up in a time… read

Should you work for less (discounts or otherwise?)

Ever had a discounted client situation that just turned into an arm wrestling match? Ugh. Not fun for anyone. Figured this week I'd cover a rather controversial topic: working for free. You'll read plenty of articles out there that are on both sides of the fence. Some very strongly stating… read

Increase your bookings and sales through focused front page content

...the content leads the design, not the other way around. The front page of your website, or 'homepage' as it is often called, needs to be designed in a different way from the rest of your site. This is because it's almost always the page people see first when visiting… read

How can my site be 'found' by search engines?

In last week's post we tackled the question of SEO, and if it's really still relevant in 2015. The answer is yes, it absolutely is, but things are different now than they were 10 years ago. The current trend with Google and other search engines is to focus on quality,… read

Is SEO really dead?

Have you ever searched Google for something and just couldn't find what you wanted? Ever wondered why? SEO is a hot topic in web design. It's probably the second biggest thing my clients ask me about while discussing a project. What the heck is SEO, anyway? SEO, or Search Engine… read