Blogging about blogs

How meta of me! But seriously: I'm always on the lookout for good blogs about front-end development and design (web, UX, UI, graphic). I also appreciate ones that feature emerging technologies, or heck, stuff that's just really cool. Here are a few that I enjoy: Creative Bloq - Is there… read

Creative inspiration: Thanksgiving

Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend! So I thought I'd have a thanksgiving theme for this week's post. First up is this beautiful photograph from National Geographic, entitled The Dreaming Tree. It might not really say 'fall', but the vivid colors and subject matter really say gratitude to me… read

Self taught or formally educated programmer: does it matter?

So I'm still pretty new 'round these parts, and have been meeting folks at a few dev events here in Toronto (hoping to attend lots more!) One of the things I've found intriguing in meeting other developers is they often say, "Oh, so you're self-taught, then?" once they learn I… read

Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Friday! Here's some fun, silly, creative or just plain inspiring things to take you into the weekend. Have something to share? Just comment! If Batman had a business card, what would it look like? Love this set of cards for fictional characters and their alter-egos, from the design team… read

The importance of good typography

When designing a website, we tend to focus on a variety of elements that are important to the end result. Colors. Spacing. Media elements (such as pictures and videos). Styling of buttons and menus. Interactive effects such as css transitions and/or animations. Responsive design. But the element we often… read

Creative Inspiration of the Week

How did it get to be Friday again? I swear it was Monday just five minutes ago. Here's some wonderful content that kept me inspired in my work and life this week. Leave a comment if you've got anything to share - it doesn't have to be technical, it can… read