Link Roundup

Happy Friday! I don't know about you guys, but it's been a super busy week over here! But now that it's Friday I wanted to take a bit of time to go through some of the links I've collected for reading and, you know, actually read them. Here are a… read

New Google rules for Mobile-friendly sites

Many people have been receiving emails from Google over the last few weeks, warning them their website is not mobile-friendly and it will negatively affect their SEO rankings. But what does that mean for your website, exactly? Well, a very large percentage of Google users are using their smartphones or… read

(some of) My Favourite WordPress Plugins

When I build WordPress sites for my clients (or heck, for myself), I have a set of plugins I tend to fall back on for increased functionality and awesomeness. While I'm a happy WordPress custom theme developer, I don't tend to do much with plugins, save install them and sometimes… read

Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Friday! I'm back this week with a few fun links to help bring some cheer on a super cold day. Or at least, it is if you're here in Ontario. If you happen to be in a warmer climate, I suppose you can enjoy these links too. ;-) Has… read

Your brand needs personality

What's in a brand? Do I really need a 'brand' anyway, I'm just a small business doing my thing, right? Well actually, having a brand is a really important part of your business planning. Having a brand does not mean you need to become a big marketing machine or present… read

Tips for making your website more engaging

Happy Groundhog Day! Here in Toronto it feels like instead of reliving the same day over and over, we're going to relive shovelling the same pile of snow over and over. if we can teach the groundhog to drive, think we can teach him to shovel snow? Today I'd like… read