Tutorial: Need a professional email address?

Have you been using a free email address as your business email? Gmail, Hotmail, or similar? That can be a fine option, but your professional online presence can look a lot more polished if you have your own custom email address, using your own domain name. But how do you… read

A Happily Ever After For Your Business?

It's finally spring here in Toronto (can I get a 'it's about damn time!'?). With spring tends to come those feelings of renewal, growth, and wanting to 'spring clean' our lives - personally and professionally. For we solo business types, that means we start to think about ways we… read

Emails ending up in the spam folder?

Got spam? My amazing psychic powers tell me you do. Everyone does. Maybe you don’t see a lot of it because your email provider does a good job of filtering it from your inbox, but it’s there, trust me. What you may not realize is a fair number… read

Is competition ever healthy?

Today I want to talk a little about the whole idea of competition. As small business folks there are always going to be others that do the same kinds of things we do, and offer similar services. That's just a given. Old school business textbooks would call those other businesses… read

Why building a website is kinda like building a puzzle

A couple of weeks back I wrote a bit about how to choose a good option for creating your website. Do you hire someone, go totally DIY, or somewhere in between? One of the places I've noticed people tend to get stuck in the process is what order to do… read

Five secrets no one tells you about working for yourself

That's a click-bait title if I've ever written one! Hopefully it made you chuckle. Reality check: there aren't really any secrets about working for yourself. For you guys reading, the self-employed, solo entrepreneurs of the world, you probably knew that. But you probably do hear your friends or family idealizing… read