How can my site be 'found' by search engines?

In last week's post we tackled the question of SEO, and if it's really still relevant in 2015. The answer is yes, it absolutely is, but things are different now than they were 10 years ago. The current trend with Google and other search engines is to focus on quality,… read

Is SEO really dead?

Have you ever searched Google for something and just couldn't find what you wanted? Ever wondered why? SEO is a hot topic in web design. It's probably the second biggest thing my clients ask me about while discussing a project. What the heck is SEO, anyway? SEO, or Search Engine… read

How to Hire the Right Web Designer

..and not just ANY web designer Hiring a web designer may be one of the first major things you don't 'DIY' with your business. So it could feel like a huge task! You might be tempted to just ask your brother who built a website for himself one time. Or… read

Case Study: Niche-specific marketing really works!

I had a full schedule most of the time. [...] All I had to do was focus my marketing strategy to appeal to the people I most wanted to work with. Back when I was a massage therapist I found myself struggling in the same way so many other small biz… read

Marketing is not a dirty word

Google that. No, really. I'll wait while you do it. So the point of that silly exercise, of course, is to show you that this is a much-talked-about topic. Clearly, there are a large number of us who do believe that marketing and sales are dirty words. The question we… read

The Balancing Act

Happy (day after) Canada Day! And Happy (soon-to-be) Independence Day for my American friends and colleagues! I took yesterday off because of the holiday, so my post is a bit late. But that actually relates quite well to the topic of this post. So here's a question for all of… read