Creative inspiration of the week

It's almost Labour Day! Where the heck did the summer go? Here's some fun and creative things to take us into the long weekend. A less techy list this week, perhaps because my brain is already a bit in vacation mode. My husband's absolute favourite food is burritos. I know… read

What does a website cost?

When someone contacts me for information on creating a website, usually their very first question is "What is it going to cost me?". sorry, I'm usually this silly. ;-) I can completely understand why folks want to know the cost right away. After all, I've been running small businesses for… read

Creative inspiration of the week

Here's what I was inspired by this week - things that made me want to create, or gave a lift to my day. How about you? What inspired and helped you this week? Imogen Heap's new album, Sparks, has been in my playlist this week. I have to admit, while… read

Help, I need a website! Part 2: Domains, Hosting and Naming

Part one of this series When starting to build a website, one of the key things you need to think about right from the start is what the domain name (web address or URL) will be and where you will have it hosted. On the technical side, this is a… read

Creative inspiration of the week

Every Friday*, I share stuff from around the web (and around my life!) that helped inspire me this week. Here's this week's inspiration! *Well, almost ;-) Creative Bloq just reblogged a post on Awesome CSS Animations. My favourite is the cute and funny Responsive Cat, but they're all great (at… read

Unleash the web!

Sorry for the radio silence last week, everyone. I was in Vermont for a week, at a meditation intensive. (photo thanks to @shelleyobrien) Now that I'm back in Toronto, I'm looking ahead to the fall... work projects, personal projects, and my first web professionals' conference (oh my!). I heard about… read