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Hey, there's advice for awesome, small business entrepreneurs in here!

These are some of my top posts full of free information on improving your website and planning your online marketing strategy.

In other words, making your website as awesome as you are!

Is SEO Dead?

A controversial topic! But: Have you ever searched Google for something and just couldn't find what you wanted? Ever wondered why?

I cover what SEO is and why the bad ol' days of dishonest SEO strategies are thankfully coming to a close.

How Can My Website Be 'Found' By Search Engines?

Probably the #1 thing people are wondering about when they hire me. So if the old SEO methods are going the way of the dodo, what do we do NOW to improve our search engine ranking?

Google and Mobile-Friendly Websites

Things are changing in the way that search engines view websites, which of course changes the way these websites are ranked within those search engines. Want to get better search engine results for your website? Mobile design is extremely important to consider and make part of your website building strategy.

Niche-specific Marketing

Word-of-mouth is a fantastic way to get new clients, but if you aren't actively working on ways to increase the number of referrals you get, eventually they are going to dry up. Back when I was a massage therapist I decided to try marketing just to pregnant women. Here's what happened (hint: it was really successful!)

Focus Your Front Page

As you might expect, you only have a few moments to catch someone's interest so they'll stick around, instead of clicking away to something else (or searching for someone else who provides the services you do). I talk about ways to actually get people to do that.

Think like a client

The one thing that sets good website content apart from great content is this: great content focuses on the people it is being written for.