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Be Authentic

Authenticity is your business' greatest asset.

Sounds a bit cliche, doesn't it? Or at least like something you'd read on a super clickbaity "The one thing your business is missing to make ten brazillion dollars!" post. Ugh.

But here's the thing: something that all small businesses and entrepreneurs seem to struggle with is how to differentiate themselves from all the other folks that do what they do. It like we all can't get past the resume level of demonstrating our expertise, which just lists the schools we went to and what skills we have. The big list that looks a lot like anyone else in your profession's list.

I'll let you in on a secret: I don't even have a resume. I don't spend any time making lists of my skills and certifications. And I don't think those things are useful to freelancers, small biz owners and entrepreneurs in the least.

I say: there is only one you. You have your own experiences, knowledge and talents, different from everyone else around you. And that is a huge part of what makes you different from everyone else who does what you do.

When I first started my web design business I thought I had to be, well, super 'business-like'. I wrote all the copy on my website to be very serious and tried to talk to clients in ways that matched that.

But you know what? It felt like I was putting on a costume of some kind, and pretending to be this thing that I wasn't.

Because the truth is, I'm a pretty big dork. I like to be a bit silly and make jokes and talk about unicorns or my cats on my website. But I also get super excited to talk about marketing and business growth and website design. And the best kinds of clients for me are those that are totally comfortable with both sides of that coin. So now, my website and blog reflect that way of working.

When thinking about your website text and your overall marketing strategy, ask yourself: how can I be authentic? How can I be honest and true to who I am? How can I convey my personality, strengths and talents?

If you do this, it will go a long way toward focusing your business on the types of clients you want to work with. And that's a win for both you and the client!

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