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Blog upgrade

Good morning!

New year, new look. Or something like that, anyhow.

I'd been meaning to upgrade my copy of Ghost for a while now, and finally got around to it this week. For those of you running your own instance of Ghost and haven't upgraded yet, especially since they shipped 0.5 back in August, I recommend you do. Lots of new features since then, including tag management, a nicer admin screen, meta data and cover image options for posts, and so much more. Read all about it on their dev blog.

By the way, has anyone tried Ghostly, the unofficial iOS app for Ghost? It looks good but I'd like to hear some reviews before downloading it.

Anyway, given the new shiny features in Ghost I went and did a redesign of my own blog. Had a little fun with it, and am now going back through old posts to add in feature images.

I've been loving doing theme development for Ghost - very easy with Handlebars. Certainly I'm still doing plenty of work with WordPress, but it's such a different thing to work with PHP.

Happy Friday, everyone!