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How the heck do I write good copy for my website?

This is a question I get a lot from my clients.

It’s understandable! After all, most people are not used to doing a lot of writing. Sure, maybe you wrote some essays in school, or you’re used to doing short updates on social media. But writing for a website? That feels really daunting. Especially since websites are a major marketing tool for your business and practice.

So what’s a non-writer to do?

Well, you could go the road of hiring a content writer to help you with this. That’s a wonderful option if you have it in your budget. They’ll ask you lots of questions about your practice and help you craft great text that attracts great clients.

But what if that’s just not in your budget? If you’re doing a DIY website and need to write your own content, how do you do that if you’re not a writer?

Some folks revert to cutting and pasting content from their regulatory college, certifying body, or association. You end up seeing a lot of bullet-point-lists of ‘things massage therapy can treat’ or ‘reasons to see a personal trainer’ that look pretty much exactly the same on everyone’s website.

Sure, explaining the reasons for seeking massage therapy, or the ways a personal trainer can help you are important. And it’s the same no matter what you do - people should know what you do, how it can help them, and why they should pay you money for your services.

But does cutting and pasting a list really do your business justice?

Of course, the answer is no. You’re not a bullet-point list, you’re an individual with your own style of working, way of interacting with clients, and things you’re really good at. You’re not a cookie cutter of everyone else in your profession, so why should your website read like you are?

So how do you write content for your website that fits your practice and attracts the right clients?

Ask them!

Think about it: if you ask your clients what they like in a website and what content appeals to them, then write your own content based on that (plus your own personal take on things), you’re going to appear a whole lot more attractive to potential clients. People are going to relate to what you’ve written because you did your homework, and because you’re being more genuine. Your website is about you, not about your entire profession. So it should sound like you and be attractive to the clients you work best with.

So take a moment and think about which clients you already have that are a great match for you and your business. They’re exactly the kind of client you’re hoping to have more of. Clients that fit a certain demographic or group you want to attract (such as athletes, pregnant women, seniors, or children). Or, clients that fit your way of working, such as those who are interested in doing self care, or those who are interested in following a specific treatment plan. Whatever the group is that you love to work with, ask some of your clients who fit that group some questions about why they chose your practice and what would be attractive to them in a website.

Not sure what to ask? Or, don’t have specific clients you can ask about these things?

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But back to the whole ‘list of things I can do’ idea. How do you write that content in a way that is attractive and not just the same list everyone has?

Well, once you’ve done your research with your ideal clients, you’ll have a much better idea of what appeals to them, why they booked with you, and what problems they were having that made them look for treatment in the first place. Take that knowledge and your professional experience and use it to write about what it is that you do and how it can help people.

That’s far more attractive than a copy and pasted list, and far more likely to connect with the right kinds of clients!

That’s all for this week. Hope those of you who are facing super cold weather and snow (like here in Toronto) are keeping warm this week!