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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Friday!

This has been a super busy week for me. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I'm busy with work I don't tend to keep up with social media and blog reading as much as I'd like to.

Even so, I've got a few fun things to link this week.

Bowie's back! Oh, not the David Bowie, but Chris Hadfield's version of Bowie's Space Oddity. Read the whole story here, and of course enjoy the video, which now has a new two year license.

Funny thing to admit: I didn't catch the first time around just how much Col. Hadfield changed the lyrics to fit his actual experience on the ISS! If you didn't catch it either, here's your chance.

Ground control to Major Tom... Image (of course!) of Col. Hadfield from the video

The CBC asked folks in NS to submit videos for a small documentary called 'A Day in the Life of Nova Scotia'. And did they ever listen to the call! Watch the entire 23 minutes here - really lovely and sweet. Reminds me of growing up in Nova Scotia, and makes me miss the ocean.

CBC Nova Scotia studioImage from CBC NS's twitter account

In the tasty category is what I made for dinner tonight: Breakfast nachos. Yes you read that right. Breakfast. Nachos. Damn!.

You got nachos in my breakfast! Image by Isa Chandra, from the post I linked above

That's it for this week! Leave a comment if you'd like to share something. Especially if it's funny or delicious.