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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Saturday!

Anyone else a bit weary from all of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails/ads/tweets/posts out there? I feel like I could use something a bit less, erm, consumerism-based, so I figured it was high time for me to do another inspiration post.

First: The Shoebox Project. This is taking place in cities and towns all over Canada (although admittedly, many of them are in Ontario). Essentially: get a shoebox. Decorate it. Put in things that women in shelters might like. Drop it off at a drop-off location by next week - December 4 or 5 in most places. Bring holiday cheer to some women in need.

In tech... if you haven't yet seen the James Bond Laser Wristwatch, well, you need to see it. No seriously, I'm not joking, someone made a James Bond-esque Laser Wristwatch. It's not for sale, by the way, so if you had dreams of becoming a spy, you'll have to make your own.

Shall I cut those ropes for you?image taken from the video - see the link above

In the beautiful photography category comes these amazing shots from Japanese photographer Masami Murooka. Below are a couple of quick screengrabs, but please, go to his gallery and see for yourself his beautiful work!

And this last one is not only good for a chuckle, but it's good food-for-thought, too: Keep texting and your head will fall off. Or something. ;-)

Aaahhh your head will fall off! image thanks to The Atlantic

One more thing before I sign off: Today is Small Business Saturday. If you need to buy something today, or any day for that matter, consider supporting a local small business that could use your help.

Get help with your annoying questions!

Have an awesome day, everyone!