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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Haaaaaapy Friday! I'm about to disappear into a meditation retreat for a week, so this will be my last post until after December 15. But until then, here's a few funny/interesting/lovely things for you to enjoy.

Given the time of year, I've been looking at lots of DIY crafty gift ideas, and have even started a board on Pinterest for some of them. But my favourite so far is this Millennium Falcon Pie Recipe. Anyone else have any favourite DIY project ideas to share?

Millennium Falcon Pie. Mmmm.image from Makezine

The best time to drink coffee... according to SCIENCE! I love this website. A must-read for coffee addicts lovers.

Coffee and Science!Image from en.ilovecoffee.jp

Rich and I went to see the Mythbusters - Behind the Myths tour last weekend, and had a blast listening to Jamie and Adam talk about the science behind the show, reminisce about past episodes, and talk about where things are headed for the future. Since I don't watch TV these days, I haven't really been following Mythbusters like I used to, and this reminded me to at least check out what these guys are doing now. This lead me to this amazing video on tintype photography. This is, of course, Jamie's portrait done in tintype. The photographer is Michael Shindler.

Jamie Hyneman's Tintype PortraitCopyright not mine, obviously.

And last... this has been a popular post this week, so you may have seen it. But, do you ever get this feeling about your email? I do at times, especially as the holidays near and I get hundreds of emails about sales, most of which I don't really care about...

My Email is a Monstervia The Oatmeal, link above

See you all in a week or so!