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Creative inspiration of the week

Here's what I was inspired by this week - things that made me want to create, or gave a lift to my day. How about you? What inspired and helped you this week?

Imogen Heap's new album, Sparks, has been in my playlist this week. I have to admit, while the song 'Me The Machine' isn't my favourite from the album, the fact that she created it with the help of her Mi.Mu gloves makes it really facinating.

This is another really interesting talk from Web Conferences Amsterdam's CSS Day. This one covered what I would call a 'back to basics' approach: creating styles that don't use classes, ids, javascript, or anything else except straight up simple HTML. The talk is framed around writing code that is much easier for your content writers to work with. Clever!

Heydon Pickering | Effortless Style | CSS Day from Web Conferences Amsterdam on Vimeo.

And on the typography front again, this post from Creative Bloq makes me excited. I want to buy all of those books! Any typography geeks out there own most/all of them and can recommend which one to start with?


Cute animals, you say? Whenever I've having a slump in my day, I like to take a moment to look at pictures of animals. Is there anyone who doesn't do this sometimes? One of my favourite sources is the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. The current litter of kittens they are fostering is particularly adorable:


Happy weekend, everyone!