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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Hello hello! Sorry I've been so quiet for a couple of weeks. I've been away camping and canoeing in Algonquin Park, and then at FITC's Web Unleashed conference the last two days.

Hard not to be inspired by this:

Algonquin Park - lake and paddle (photo taken by a friend, during our canoe trip)

More in the tech world, I also found this inspirational this week:

These funny "unmotivational poster designs" are not just good for a laugh - they're also lovely designs with fun fonts.

when the road is long, the walking is plentiful: made-up proverb

This awesome tutorial on CSS shapes is actually pretty timely for me, since there was a great talk at Web Unleashed about this exact topic.

CSS shapes - polygons (image from the HTML5rocks - showing polygons can be used to make text go around an object)

I was also very inspired as a developer and designer by the talks at Web Unleashed, but I'll be doing a separate post about that soon. Stay tuned!