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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Friday! Here's some fun, silly, creative or just plain inspiring things to take you into the weekend. Have something to share? Just comment!

If Batman had a business card, what would it look like? Love this set of cards for fictional characters and their alter-egos, from the design team at Moo (who, incidentally, I get my own business cards from).

business cards for fictional characters image thanks to Mashable

Anyone else love the fall foliage this time of year? BlogTO just published a list of places to enjoy the fall colors here in Toronto. Just make sure you do it fairly soon - it won't be long before those leaves hit the ground, and the snow starts to fly...

beautiful fall leaves in a park photo taken in Mississauga, by Magdalena M

From the cute and fun category comes this oldie but goodie from Pusheen... reasons to love fall. Including pie, and pie, and did we mention pie?

Pusheen: Pie and also, pie!

And finally, if you're in Toronto this weekend and able to get out late into the night, I highly recommend you check out this year's Nuit Blanche. One piece in particular that should be spectacular is "Cascade", by Anandam Dance Theatre (in collaboration with many other local artists). In their words, "We're looking at how do you take these really dense, really intense times, in a really large space with a large group of people, and create a space that has a bit of a meditative quality, that lets the attention... really stop and rest, because we're pulled in a lot of places these days." Check it out at Front and Spadina, in the Globe and Mail building.

Cascade Image from Nuit Blanche website

Have a lovely weekend!