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Creative Inspiration of the Week

Happy Halloween!

Happy Simpson's Halloween!

I hope today brings you lots of candy, spooky decorations, and fun! Here's some fun and interesting things to take you into the weekend.

First, you gotta love Simon's Cat. I swear my own cats would do this if we had a sofa with pullout leg rests.

This item isn't so much inspiring as it is just plain useful: The Specificity Graph. As any front-end dev knows, specificity is a huge pain in the rear with CSS. I can't count the number of times I've said to myself, "Hmm, what's up with this, the styles aren't applying... oh, specificity. [sad trombone]" This article helps us take a look at our code, figure out where we can improve issues with specificity, and avoid using !important when we really don't need to.

Specificity Graph

Anyone else think this image showing the differences between how humans, birds and bugs breathe is just super cool? Head over to Col. Chris Hadfield's Tumblr for the animated version.

Breathing is complex!

And last but never least... does your pet have a good halloween costume yet? Here are a few ideas, modelled by some, erm, not so happy cats.

halloween lobster cat hates you

Happy Candy Eating!