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Creative inspiration of the week

We all have them: those moments where you need to get something on a design project done, but you just don't have any fuel left in the tank. You're staring at the screen (or canvas, or sketchbook, or whatever your medium might be) and everything just feels, well, blah.

Like a lot of folks, I have a few secret* weapons I turn to when I could use a little boost. Here's a few of the things that helped me get inspired this week.

*not actually secret at all

I love typography and fonts, so looking at a page full of funky, creative or just plain pretty fonts makes me happy. Creative Bloq's Font of the Day posts are fun and a quick way to grab some typographical inspiration.


I know lots of folks use music to get into work mode. This week I'm particularly loving this live version of Give up the Ghost by Thom Yorke, done solo with the help of live electronic sampling/loops.

Any web designers/front-end devs NOT know about CSS-Tricks? I pop over there frequently to learn something new. This week I particularly enjoyed this talk by Mathias Bynens that they linked to.

I've been a fan of space travel since I was little kid... but then, is there anyone who hasn't? Col. Chris Hadfield's social media pages, including Facebook and Tumblr, are fantastic for his photos both in space and on the ground, like this beautiful sunset.

Col Chris Hadfield Tumblr

This sweet face is my cat, Stacey (aka Staceybean, Beangirl, Beanie, or 'Hey Get Down Now!'). Always nice when I'm having an uninspired day. Of course, usually I have to ask her not to walk across my keyboard and get her own darn project, but hey.

So how about you? What have you drawn inspiration from this week?