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Wondering about my Build Your Own website ecourse?

The 2017 version of my Build Your Own Website (for health & wellness) e-course is here! Registration is open until April 24, 2017, then I'll be closing her down so I can focus on helping everyone with their websites.

This year’s version is updated with brand new content to address the changes in WordPress over the last year. It’s also got an entire new section on Search Engine Optimization - the stuff that helps Google index your website so people searching Google can find you.

Thinking of buying the course?

Wondering if this is the right course for you?

I’ve got you! Here are some questions I’ve been asked about that. If I don’t address your question, please just email me and let me know what I can help with!

What makes this course different from the others out there?

Great question! The easiest way for me to answer it is to tell you why I created the course in the first place.

This course came out of my own needs first! As some of you already know, I worked in health care for 13 years. During that time I learned to design websites not only for myself, but for others as well. You can hear a bit more about that in the video below.

So there was the personal need, but I also knew others in my community needed help! Solo practitioners or folks running small fitness or wellness businesses often can’t afford to hire a professional to do their website. But they don’t really know how to create something that looks nice and is also effective in bringing in clients to their business.

That’s the gap I’m hoping to bridge. My aim is not only to teach you how to use WordPress to build a website, but also to build one that draws in your ideal clients. You want people to choose your business and know that what you have to offer is a great choice for them. And because of my years working in health and wellness, I’ve got a lot of knowledge to share in that regard. You can read some of my recent posts to get a sense for the types of things I share!

Who is this course ideal for?

  • You do work with a health, wellness or fitness focus. This includes healthcare providers, fitness instructors, personal trainers and coaches, nutrition consultants, or anyone else who runs a small business or is self employed in these fields.

  • You like to learn new things and aren’t afraid to try (with some guidance!) new software.

  • You’re interested in learning more about branding, online marketing and a bit about design.

  • You’ve got some time! Like with anything where you do a DIY version, it is going to take some time to get it completed.

Who is this course NOT for?

I want you to make a good, informed decision for your business. It’s important to me that you only buy if this course is right for you. So here are some reasons why you might not want to purchase:

  • You want to sell products online, with a full e-commerce package (like a shopping cart that allows people to buy dozens of different products).  

  • You  really don't have time to dedicate to building and maintaining a website. 

  • You don’t have a business yet. Maybe you’re still in school, or maybe you’re really not sure what shape your practice and business is going to take, as you’re exploring the many options. In either of those cases, wait until you’ve got a more concrete plan.

  • You want a website with lots of custom features or a really unusual look. If that is the case, please hire a professional to help you out.

How techy do I really have to be?

Not very, I promise! If you’re comfortable doing day-to-day tasks like checking your email, using word processors like Word or Pages, and surfing the web, you’ll be fine. I walk you through things step-by-step and you’ve got the videos and notes to guide you as you work.

What’s it going to cost me?

In terms of general expenses for running your website, you’ll have to purchase a domain name and web hosting packages. Domain names cost around $10 to $15 per year, generally speaking, and of the web hosts I recommend the cost starts at $3.95 per month. So very affordable.

The course itself will be coming in at two price points depending on what you want. More details on that soon (I’m still working on the final packages, so that’s why no specifics)! But I will say I’ll be giving out a discount code to my email list (sign up below if you haven't) so you can get a deal for being one of the first people to purchase this time around.

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Can you REALLY create your own website and have a good result?

Yes, you can, as long as you’re willing to put some time into it. We’re pretty lucky these days, website builders like WordPress make this doable. I walk you through not only the WordPress bits but also tips on writing content and finding or taking good photos.

I’m a healthcare provider and wondering if this qualifies for continuing education credits. Does it?

It might! For example, with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, you can use this course for Category A: Business Development credits. Just keep track of how many hours you spend to claim your CEUs.

For the rest of you, check with your regulatory body for details.

Got another question? Let me know, I’m happy to help!

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