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My favourite places to work in Toronto

It's a dreary, rainy, spring day here in Toronto. One of those days where you'd rather curl up with a warm beverage and a good book than work. Of course, most of us can't do that during the workweek (well, not for very long, anyhow).

The view out my window today is this:

rainy day out the window

Pleasant enough, but sometimes you just need a change of atmosphere. When that happens to me, I head out to one of the many coffee shops in my end of town, Junction/Roncesvalles/High Park. Common freelancer thing for sure, but it's a good way to work among other people without, yaknow, working with other people.

One of the places you'll often find me working is Extra Butter, a cafe on Roncesvalles known for good coffee and fresh-baked donuts. Love the (vegan! gluten-free!) chocolate-chip banana bread here. The wifi is usually pretty reliable, and they don't mind if you stay a while.

If I'm meeting someone for lunch or feel like flavoured coffee, I'll head up to Coffee & All That Jazz. Their wifi is also reliable and they have a good food menu if you're looking for something more than baked goods. My friends all rave about the hummus and avocado sandwich and I'm told their soups are yummy and often vegan, too.

I live right around the corner from the original Crema location and often head there on a day like today, when it's rainy and gross so I don't want to walk far. Great coffee and friendly staff, so it's not exactly a hardship. I particularly love that they feature local art on their walls, that rotates frequently, so there's always something new to inspire me when I need a pause from working.

In the summer I can also be found at Full Stop. Why just the summer? Well, unfortunately there's a bit of an issue with their heating system, where most of the seating area is way too cold on a -10C day (common in Toronto in winter). But in the warmer months it's a great place to go. Two dollar americanos sweeten the deal.

And last but never least, David's Tea on Roncesvalles has become a new favourite. I'm pretty sure having wifi is new for them; I remember back when they opened two summers ago they didn't have wifi, but I was happy to discover their network when I was sitting at Extra Butter one day a few months back (David's Tea is next door). There are only a few tables but there's a nice view of the street from the front ones, and a nice quiet area in the back with two more tables. One problem: I think I'm developing a tea addiction.

Hey Tealish, if you opened a location in my 'hood, I'd totally go there too! Just sayin'...

Fun way to reuse @davidstea and @tealishtea tins! #chiyogami #spring #tealove

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A very small number of my tea tins and containers. Yeah I like tea.

How about you guys? Where do you like to work when you aren't in your (home or otherwise) office?