happy little biz

Hey Fellow Creative Freelancers!

As some of you know, I've been signed up for a super awesome online course called The Creative Class for a while now. If you're a freelancer of any kind, but especially those in creative fields, you'll find the content really useful for growing your business into something you can be happy with. Whatever happy means to you!

Part of access to the course materials is access to a private slack community where you can ask questions of the instructor or fellow students. You can also find like-minded freelancers to collaborate with on projects, share links to other awesome content, or just socialize. Over the last few days we've been off-and-on having a conversation about our Myers Briggs types and what that means for us and how we deal with clients... in a light-hearted way of course, since all of these things should be taken with a grain of salt. Even so, it's a good group, so I recommend popping in if you buy access to the course.

I mention all this because I just learned about a great podcast from my fellow TCC students: Being Boss. It's run by two successful creative entrepreneurs and is fun to listen to as well.

Check 'em out if freelancing is your jam.

Happy Thursday!