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Link Roundup

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you guys, but it's been a super busy week over here! But now that it's Friday I wanted to take a bit of time to go through some of the links I've collected for reading and, you know, actually read them. Here are a few I think the rest of you might like.

Dear Design Student: “I hate green.”
How do you deal with a client who expresses a strong preference for something like, “I don’t like green!”?

10 illustrated tributes to The Simpsons' Milhouse
Because, Milhouse.

Don’t Mess With Their Rice Bowl: Seven Business Lessons from Ten Recent Workshop No-Shows
Good advice for anyone who runs workshops or classes. Or, attends those things.

When you work for yourself: stop doing shit you don’t like
Obviously stuff you don't like will always come up. But if you work for yourself, there are a lot of times you can just say no.

Some absolutely amazing CSS work, but also an amazing educational website. Awesome inspiration for me!