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Links, Tigers & Bears... Oh My!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week I wanted to give you some general resources that may help you with your own website or blog. These are especially useful for anyone who is doing a lot of their website management themselves.


Changing the fonts on your website, or just want to use something in a single graphic, but don't know where to get good fonts? There are dozens of resources out there.

The ever popular google fonts is always a possibility. Simple to use; instructions are included with each font.

Have a Creative Cloud account, or a bit of money to spend? There are always beautiful options available through Adobe's typekit.

Other resources (both free and paid) include my fonts, font squirrel and dafont.

Note that including fonts on your website (not just in a graphic) requires both you and the person viewing your website having access to the font in question. If you want to give it a go, here are basic instructions. Of course, you can always contact your friendly neighbourhood web designer to set it up for you.

Another quick note: I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't gently caution you about choosing typography for your website/blog/project. That is: fonts are designed with a specific purpose in mind, in a specific time and place. You don't just want people to be able to read your work, you want them to really understand it. Having the right fonts in place is just as important as choosing the right photos and colors. It's all part of the experience for those viewing your work.


Ahh yes, search engine optimization. I do plan to write my own huge post about this one day, but in the mean time, here are some resources to get you off and running with this important part of building a website.

For those of you working in WordPress, Yoast makes a great, free plugin that helps you set up your SEO. They also have a good guide about their system that offers a ton of information about both WordPress SEO and SEO in general.

Moz has written a great online guide to SEO that I recommend you read from top to bottom if you are managing your own site's SEO.


First, a quick note: I strongly believe that it is important to invest in good photography for your business website. However, if that's really not in the budget, or if you just need a quick photo to go with a blog post or newsletter, stock photography will do the tricky nicely.

Does anyone not know about iStock? Well if you didn't before, you do now! Probably the best known stock photography site. Chances are they have a photo or graphic that fits whatever you need.

If free is more your style, the same folks who run iStock (which is actually run by gettyimages) have a free photography site called, appropriately, freeimages.

And last, Chris Coyier over at CSS Tricks did a round-up of good free photo sites last month. This is usually my own starting point when I need something quick.