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Marketing is not a dirty word

Google that.

No, really. I'll wait while you do it.

So the point of that silly exercise, of course, is to show you that this is a much-talked-about topic. Clearly, there are a large number of us who do believe that marketing and sales are dirty words.

The question we should be asking ourselves is why? Why do we feel that way? Is it because we have a stereotype in our heads of what sales people are 'like'? Is it because we think we have to sell our souls in order to do a little self promotion for our businesses? Is it because we think marketing and sales are inherently dishonest? Do we think that marketing is just a bunch of business jargon with no substance or value?

While sure, some marketing is dishonest, jargon-y and downright annoying, it doesn't have to be! Often it's that assumption that marketing is a dirty word that holds us back from growing our businesses into what we want them to be.

You can absolutely market your business in ways that are true to yourself. You can show what makes you and your business/product awesome without selling your soul to whatever deity comes along. You can do marketing that fits your personality and is even fun!

So, what would fun marketing look like to you? I don't mean what methods, like website, twitter, flyers, and so on. I mean: what look and feel would it have? Who are you trying to reach out to? What colors and sorts of words would you use? Do you have a writer, dancer, visual artist or musician who inspires you and you could borrow ideas from? Take those starting points and let me know where it takes you!

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