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How the heck do I write good copy for my website?

This is a question I get a lot from my clients. It’s understandable! After all, most people are not used to doing a lot of writing. Sure, maybe you wrote some essays in school, or you’re used to doing short updates on social media. But writing for a… read

Get smart about your continuing education.

Life-long learning should be an essential part of any career, not just for those in health care. But of course, there is that required component of being a regulated health practitioner - that is, the requirement to get CEUs, or Continuing Education Units. I see RMTs talking about this a… read

Let's Talk SEO. Again.

Here's a really hot topic for anyone wanting to run a business online or have any sort of an online presence: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Before I dive in, I want to mention something very important. Something I’ve seen happen to business owners that I really don’t… read

Good, free stock photography?

Today is a bit of a departure from my usual business and marketing posts. Instead, I’m answering a question I commonly get from my clients: Where do I find images to use on my website or social media posts that are good quality and not super cheesy? As a… read

You are not only the letters after your name.

Here in Canada we put a lot of focus on designations. Maybe it’s the same for those of you in other countries. You see business cards with lots of letters after people’s names, showing what education or accreditations they’ve received. These same designations go at the top… read

What a year of kindness taught me

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to the year ahead. For me, this is a time for reflection on what worked for my business in 2016 and what I'd like to change for 2017. That's something I really suggest all business owners… read