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Revolution Check-in: February

Time for an accountability check-in!

Back at the beginning of the year, I wrote about being revolutionary in your business. This meant asking myself what I needed to change in order to really make things happen in 2016, rather than setting new years resolutions that I'm going to put aside or even ignore after a few weeks.

I set myself a single-word goal for the year: kindness. What I wrote in January was this...

So instead, I'm going to focus this year on what is most kind to myself, my clients and my business. What actions can I take that will be most authentic? Which projects should I take on because they are a good match (and kind to my business)? How will I approach teaching my ecourse and coaching students that will be the most kind to them and their businesses?

So how is this going?

With my client work, I've only been saying yes to projects where I really think I can help the client's business and we are a good match in terms of personality and work style. I've had a number of inquiries and while I'm always willing to discuss a project with someone, I'm being much more clear this year when I don't feel a project is the right fit for my business.

With my ecourse, I really kept the idea of authenticity in my mind as I was recording my videos. I really wanted people to get my very best work, and wanted to share my experiences in a way that was honest and real. But, I also let myself be a little silly and goofy, because that's who I am! I'd rather be me and attract the kinds of people who are interested in my ways of doing things.

With my marketing, I've been trying to let go of that imposter syndrome stuff that rattles around in my head. My focus on perfection gets in the way of marketing my services because I find myself thinking that I need to seriously improve my skills before asking people to pay me money for my services. But when I am kind to myself, I see I really do have a lot to offer, and don't have to be 'perfect' to help others. Big secret here: there's no such thing as perfect anyway!

On the perfection note, I want to share this great article from Jason Zook, on getting past the whole obsession with perfection. He says it way better than I ever could.

So... so far, so good on focusing on kindness for 2016!

How are your business goals for this year going? What do you need right now to help you achieve them? I'd love to hear from you!

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