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The Road Ahead (and a note about Chimp Essentials)

Hello hello!

As some of you might have already noticed, I'm back from my time away from social media. It's nice to be back, even if this means summer is almost over.

I'll have a post up later this week about the whole social media detox thing and what my experience was like. Look for that on Friday.

But in the mean time I wanted to let you know what's coming up this fall!

I'm going to be doing a series of posts on helping your business not just get busy, but stay busy. One thing I notice folks who run small businesses doing is they tend to work really hard on bringing in new clients while things are slower. They work on their marketing, websites, ads, get out and meet people, and so on. Then, they get busy and let all of those things slide. That of course means that at some point the inertia they built up will eventually slow down, because they aren't putting that all important energy back into their business. Things slow down again, and the cycle continues.

More on all that stuff throughout the fall. But before we get there (hey, it is still summer, after all!) I wanted to point you at a great online course on using MailChimp like a pro.

Chimp Essentials

If you've been thinking about getting an email newsletter going, or you already have one but you need help with it, Chimp Essentials just might be the answer. It’s taught by Paul Jarvis, who is a long time designer, marketing pro, entrepreneur and teacher and seriously knows his stuff. The course really helps you learn the software, gives tips and tricks for writing more successful newsletter campaigns, and overall is a great course to have in your toolbelt. I’ve taken the course myself and even though I’ve been using MailChimp for several years, I still learned something within the first 30 minutes of going through the lessons (no joke!). One of the most awesome things was how to help keep your emails out of people’s spam folders – something all of us small business people struggle with at one time or another!

To kick things off, Paul is doing a free webinar so you can check out the course and his teaching style without having to buy the course first. He’s got a few dates for that throughout September, starting on the 1st - tomorrow, if you can believe it (where did August go?).

Check it out!