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Learn to Build Your Own Business Website!

For six years now, folks have been telling me I should really develop materials to teach others how to create their own websites. I've always been a bit hesitant to do it, because I wanted to make sure whatever I offered was the best darned thing I could possibly create.

Well, I'm currently working on launching an awesome e-course on creating your own lovely website! No coding or design knowledge required, just a willingness to learn.

Not only will I be teaching the basics on how to put together a website, but I'll be providing you with tips and tricks for making the website really useful to your clients. Stuff that will help increase your bookings (or purchases, if you're selling stuff) and make your clients happy to return to your website and refer others to it.

Sound good? Yay! Would love to have you in the course.

Launch Date: January 28, 2016!

Build Your Own Website With WordPress