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Unleash the web!

Sorry for the radio silence last week, everyone. I was in Vermont for a week, at a meditation intensive.

(photo thanks to @shelleyobrien)

Now that I'm back in Toronto, I'm looking ahead to the fall... work projects, personal projects, and my first web professionals' conference (oh my!).

Web Unleashed 2014

I heard about Web Unleashed while browsing Lanyrd last month. Glancing at the speaker's list, I was very interested in going, but figured there way no way in the world I was going to be able to afford it; generally speaking, these things are priced so that you really need to work for a company who can afford to send you. But I was excited to find that not only is the conference very reasonably priced to begin with, they offer a special rate to freelancers! A great opportunity to someone like me: new to the industry, still building my client list, and really interested in expanding my knowledge and branching out into new areas (JavaScript Frameworks! UX Design!).

I've been looking at the schedule, which they just updated recently, and can't wait to hear some of the talks. For some time slots, there are multiple that I want to attend! Anyone know how to clone themselves?

Any other freelancers (or non-freelancers, for that matter) going solo to this? Or, would you be interested in attending? Early bird rates end August 17! And if anyone would like to chat over a coffee (or in between talks), I'd love to meet you! Just send me an email or grab me on twitter (@nyxie).