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Why choose WordPress for your small business website?

Because it’s 2015.

That’s not just something cheeky Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said when asked about why his cabinet was a 50/50 split between men and women.

It’s also a reminder that these modern times require a forward way of thinking about your business.

These days anyone who wants ‘presence’ on the web can do it pretty easily. We’ve got Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and all kinds of social media (such as Facebook pages or Pinterest-for-business accounts) to choose from. They’re all useful and all offer their own benefits.

However, all of those sites have one key issue: they’re using someone else’s playground. Their playground, their rules.

This means if they want to sell the business, increase their prices dramatically, or even kick you out to make way for a different business, they can. You can never know what the future may bring!

This is why I strongly recommend WordPress as the best solution for building a website for small businesses.

But why WordPress specifically? Fair question! Well...

Hosting: You can choose from a variety of web hosts (more on that in another lesson) and if one host has problems or closes up shop, no problem, you can move your site somewhere else quite easily, all while keeping the same look, feel, and address. This means your clients will easily follow you to the new host without them having to do anything.

Well Supported: It’s the most popular content management system in the world. This means it has tons of people working on it, so it has lots of available features and problems are fixed quickly. It also means that if you need a custom feature created that no one else has built, you’ll have no problem finding someone to build it for you.

Cost: WordPress itself is free! You can go to WordPress.org and download it without paying a cent, or have your web host install it for you.

Flexibility: You can build and decorate your website in any way that you want. It’s like the difference between renting an apartment and buying a house*. Using WordPress is like buying a house - if you want to add features or different styling, you can. Most website builders out there are more like renting an apartment. Even the most friendly landlords are going to have limits to what they allow you to do!

Ease of Use: I’ve had clients who have built their own websites with various website makers and all of them tell me it takes them a long time to create a new page for their site. WordPress makes creating new pages or blog posts for your site really easy.

No technical knowledge required: If you can use email and basic word processors like Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac, you can use WordPress. Promise.

This is a little preview of the content from my upcoming ecourse on creating an awesome WordPress website for your business. Think you might be interested in that? Sign up below for updates on the course as it develops. Launch planned for January 2016!

*Thanks to the super smart Paul Jarvis for the House vs Apartment comparison idea.